Our Services

The following are the council’s area of project coverage:

Drug Awareness, Education/ Sensitization In
• Schools
• Faith base Organizations
• Prisons
• On radio
• On television
• Production of posters, video, jingles, handbills, stickers etc.
• Debates/Quiz
• Counselling Sessions

Campaign against Drug Related Domestic Violence
• On radio
• On television
• Production of Posters/handbills/stickers
• Workshops/Conferences
• Counselling Sessions

Social Media Anti-Drug Awareness Campaigns
• Film Production – including documentary films making

  • Counselors/Social Workers
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Students amongst others


• Articles
• Anti-narcotics — Quarterly Journal of the ACON & Crime prevention.
• Transnational Surveys (Drugs, Financial Crimes & Corrupt Practices, Firearms Smuggling, Piracy, Cultism, Trafficking in Persons, Terrorism & Prostitution).
• Drug and Violent Crimes.

Treatment, Rehabilitation and After-Care Support (Social Reintegration)

The following are part of the ACON blueprint strategic projects:
• Research
• Conferences/workshops
• Neighborhood Awareness Campaigns
• Film Production
• Counselling
• Treatment
• Rehabilitation and
• Reintegration/After care support centers holding

ESTABLISHMENT OF COUNSELING, TREATMENT, REHABILITATION, RE-INTEGRATION/AFTER-CARE SUPPORT CENTRES. Proposed in six (6) geo-political zones of Nigeria and other part of Africa listed below:

o South-South (Cross-River, Calabar)
o South-East (Anambra State)
o South-West (Ogun State)
o North-Central (Abuja)
o North-East (Kastina State)
o North-West (Sokoto State)

o Algeria
o Ethiopia
o Gambia
o Zambia